Where is Don Juan?
Don Juan and Donjuanismo in India

Notes on the Text
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Notes on the Text

  1. In the myths surrounding the Trojan War Helen does accept the advances of Paris and agree to run off with the prince to Asia Minor, however, the idea is the product of Aphrodite’s machinations.

  3. As discussed later, the power of the female figure to say, “No” to masculine advances constitutes a sense of agency.  This ability, however, only follows masculine desire posing the sexual proposition, making this form of feminine agency dependent on the more western paradigm of masculine sexual agency.

  5. A glaring exception to this general pattern is, of course, the figure of Doña Ana who has her own desire for Don Luis which Don Juan attempts to tap by identifying himself as Don Luis.

  7. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brönte provides similar examples in which the masculine desires the feminine by masculine agency alone while feminine desire comes only as a product of an original masculine desire (Brönte).
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